The McLaughlins birth came when sisters Tina & Maureen took their brother’s suggestion to join forces and perform Irish folk songs they’d known and loved since childhood. Knowing that no respectable Irish pub would hire a band called The Paraventi Sisters, they adopted their mother’s maiden name - McLaughlin.
Then there were three! The arrival of drummer Lisa Marsh enabled Tina and Maureen to frame their soulful melodies and vibrant, syncopated strumming with solid grooves.  With the sisters’ encouragement Lisa enhances the band’s sound with a third vocal harmony and contributes as a song-writer too. Backed by Tina’s resonant 12-string guitar and accented by Maureen’s flute, The McLaughlins strong vocals and interwoven harmonies won them a faithful following in southeastern Michigan. Their repertoire includes originals, classic “rock and roll”, pop hits as well as cherished Irish favorites.

I am Mike Jeffers, drummer and publisher of Chicago Jazz Magazine and

I respect the production expertise of STS Productions LLC, and have relied upon that expertise 

to help promote our groups at Chicago Entertainment. We are collaborating with Jonas to let prospective clients know that they are working with established companies who hire experienced musicians that look brilliant and sound incredible. Our goal is to help you create the perfect atmosphere for your next event. You can contact me at 773.927.0396 and I would be happy to provide information about our services and testify to the quality production values of STS.

Martinis & Sinatra 
Performing the music that Sinatra, Martin, Davis and many others made famous.Creates a perfect atmosphere for any event.

Jaw Potato combines music that Bob Marley, John Mayer, Jimi Hendrix, Van Morrison, 
Grateful Dead, Oasis, Beatles and many others made famous into a fun sound that always keeps an audience grooving and dancing. They play music that audiences love to sing along with, however because of the improvisational element Jaw Potato takes twists and turns that most cover bands and jam bands shy away from. Perfect for festivals, colleges and clubs, Jaw Potato always entertains in a professional and energetic way.

All night electronic atmos for for your next event
A joint venture with STSProductions LLC
MIxDetroit's ieam leader is Asher Perkins

Classic and Psychedelic Rock for your festival 

Finvarra's Wren
We are proud to present this brilliant family group playing traditional music from the Celtic traditions of Ireland and the United Kingdom. Jonas has worked with Jim and Cheryl at events and in the studio for many years.

"Jim Perkins is one of the finest musicians I know.The Wren's are pure delight, a swirl of musical tradition and energy"

- Matt Watroba WDET public radio "Folks like us" 

 Soltice Song & Summer Rain Produced @ STS

Carol is managed by our close friend David Rogers. She is a brilliant writer and performer from Scotland. From her rise in 1990’s with her independant single “Standing Proud” which was chosen to represent Glasgow in its year of culture, Carol’s reputation has grown internationally through touring across Europe and the US, one highlight being a performance at New York’s Carnegie Hall alongside Mary Chapin Carpenter and Sarah McLaughlin.

Scotland's top folk artist playing Kitchen Stories launch concert at Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow

 listen to Carol